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SuperDips bags are now available in many grocery stores!

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Fa-Products offers herbs and dried vegetables that are used to make delicious healthy dips, soups, butters and marinades for meat, chicken and fish. Recommended for people who take care of their health and love to eat well. These products are available in 23 different mixes of herbs and dried vegetables from which you can create delicious recipes with a spicy and tasty taste.

Salt free

Gluten free

Sugar free

MSG free


Les bijoux, l’argenterie, les ustensiles et les bibelots en argent et en or sont recherchés et offrent une grande durabilité dans le temps. Toutefois, à la longue l’argent noircit et l’or et les différents alliages deviennent moins propres. Cette ternissure apparait assez rapidement vous laissant avec une couche noire à la place de l’argent brillant. Avec la Pâte GreenBrite, vous pouvez restaurer la beauté de tous vos articles en argent, en étain, en or et tous les alliages ternis ou souillé par le temps, l’usure et le manque de soins appropriés.

What our customers think

“In my family, SuperDips dips are always a great success for adults and children alike. I use them with vegetables or for recipes, to add personality. I could not do without them! ”
Marie-Michèle, Rimouski

“Being concerned about my diet, I decided to consume as few chemicals as possible. When I discovered SuperDips dips, I was delighted to find that they did not contain GMS, salt or sugar. A real discovery! ”
Marc, Shawinigan

“I always have some in my pantry. When an unexpected visit comes up, in 2 minutes, I make them a succulent healthy dip. Very practical and above all DELICIOUS!”
Geneviève, Ste-Julie

“These dips are so practical! I use them for my marinades, dressings, fondue sauces, etc. They make my life a lot easier.”
Véronique, St-André de Kamouraska

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